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Domain Names & UDRP

Brand owners face difficult issues in policing the use of their trade marks on the internet as infringers can cause considerable harm by setting up rogue web sites with confusingly similar names.

Domain name registries do not perform a detailed analysis of the desired domain name before awarding a registration. The criterion that a domain name must be unique is sufficient ­and they operate on a first-come first-served basis. That’s why, in practice, it is increasingly common for others to take advantage of your company name or trademark by registering a similar or confusing similar domain name.

Intentionally misspelled domain names that closely resemble your own domain name are used for ‘phishing’. Phishing is unfortunately becoming increasingly common on the web. However you can avoid such actions by registering the most often used and/or most frequently occurring incorrect variations of your domain names (typos or misspellings) or take action against domain names that include variations of your brand or company name through the filing of UDRP actions with the WIPO. But before this you must first discover whether there are any variations of your domain name in use.

We can help you monitor the web for potential infringers of your domain name and also obtain urgent interim injunctive relief, defend against third parties’ assertions of trade mark infringements, protect marks from third-party infringers & defend marks from challenges of others.